Contemporary photographer based in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.



This photographic project was born out of genuine curiosity about the diverse and intricate ways in which people in our modern world choose to form relationships. What different and new shapes can these relationships take? What boundaries and guidelines are necessary to keep them healthy? These were some of the questions I pondered as I began this project.

Together with couples and singles, my aim was to collaboratively explore these dynamics through staged portraits. Immersed in the intimacy of their homes, I asked the couples to articulate the key foundations and guidelines necessary for their unique relationship to thrive and be healthy. The interaction became a space for both them and me to reflect upon these questions, serving as a reciprocal learning experience.

The photographs offer a rare glimpse into the private workings of intimate connections and are intended to inspire each of us to contemplate how our own relationships function and, ultimately, how we can perhaps make them even better.

They serve as a fresh take on the myriad of possibilities that exist for humans to form meaningful connections, seek intimacy, and cultivate love. Emphasizing an approach that is open, honest, and nonjudgmental.

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