Contemporary photographer based in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.



As Above So Below
The Grey Space In The Middle
19TH - 23RD January 2023 Den Haag, NL 
An exhibtion by The Fool Collective 
Overview of my contribution to the 3rd year KABK photography exhibition at The Grey Space in The Middle.

As above, So below marks the second chapter in the Fools journey. '’The Fool' is a guide and reminder to wear our open hearts. As we begin refining our practices, old links gradually fade and make space for new connections. We have constructed a network of interconnected individual works where materiality shifts between the fragile and the solid. We invite our audience to shape their interpretations and interrelations to create new paths of understanding. 

By embracing, we allow alignments of elements. Immaterial and material, form our different positions and knowledge. All together we create stories told in various visual languages. They can produce order and new negotiated meanings. Our stories are wired in the middle but disperse their individual points, allowing them to take differnt turns and directions. 

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