Contemporary photographer based in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.



Photographer and visual artist based in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. 

Artistic Statement 

My interest for photography stems from its ability to unlock new perspectives. The camera acts as a gateway to exploration, curiosity, and as a means to ponder and reflect on each topic I undertake.

With my work I am exploring themes of masculinity, power dynamics, and heart break drawing inspiration from personal experiences, which serve as the catalyst for my creative process.
Using my camera, and often my own body, I further explore these themes through different photographic styles, including self-portraits, archival material, snapshots, and AI image generation.

Through my work try to embrace vulnerability by sharing personal experiences. In showcasing my own vulnerabilities, I want to foster connections with people who can relate to similar emotions and experiences of their own. This exchange is meant to sparks conversations between me and the audience, facilitating a deeper connection. Through photography, I create understanding, conversation and empathy.


BA (2020-2024)
Photography, The Royal Academy of Arts
The Hague, The Netherlands

Undergrad (2015-2019)
Commercial Photography, NEXT
Copenhagen, Denmark