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Algorithmic Love is an exploration of the impact of online dating, romance scams and the consequences it has for the victims. In these scams, criminals pretend to initiate a relationship via dating apps and websites with the intention to defraud their victims.

Using AI-generated images, real-life stories, and conversations between victims and scammers, my aim is to highlight how easy it is for anyone to be fooled online and how scammers have made dating into a lucrative business model.

The scammers specifically target people who are vulnerable, lonely and desperate. They overwhelm them with affectionate words and once the victim is in their grip it can be very difficult for them to let go of this new found love even though there are several red flags that suggest that something is off.
Not only is it a billion dollar industry but the scammers have also managed to create very sophisticated models which they use to trick their victims. Operating online means the criminals never run out of potential victims and it also makes it a challenge to catch and prosecute the perpetrators.

The project explores the ways in which scammers use romantic ideals of what love could look like. It gives insight into the ways they manipulate their victims using stolen identities, grooming techniques and other highly sophisticated methods of fraud.

People have lost their entire life savings, pensions and homes to these criminals. In their search for love they ended up losing everything. With this project I hope to create awareness around this pressing issue.

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